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Blue Blazer

Name: Aok
Genre: Supervillain
Powers/Special Skills: immense strength, razor-sharp claws and teeth, immunity to cold
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: none
Affiliations: The Sinister Society
Other Aliases: The Abominable Snowman
Status: active
The member’s of the Canadian National Heroes, Canada’s most prolific team of superheroes, received word that a small village in the wilderness of Alberta was being attacked nightly by some kind of monstrous beast. When they arrived, the heroes were shaken by the bloody wake the creature had left. Further investigation showed that the nocturnal menace was the only known abominable snowman, an enormous monster covered in thick white hair. The CNH was able to neutralize the creature, and it was tranquilized and brought to a government facility. After a few months, the beast was captured by members of the Sinister Society, a vast network of supervillains led by Axis. Now the creature, who calls itself Aok, is under the employ of one of the greatest evil minds in history.