Re: Bird’s Eye view tutorial



First things first, you should start out with these pieces for a test build.

Next, re-size the feet pieces to about 85% both ways, color them all black, and move them under the body piece. From there you can play with the angling of each foot. Here they’re set to 5, -5.

Next, take the head on the left, size it to about 129 x, 98 y, and move it on top of the neck/shoulder region of the body piece.

Now, take the ear pieces, and move them each to either side of the head. Make sure they’re each one layer under the head.

Now, take the remaining head piece, size it to about 60 x, 80 y, and position it in the center of the first head piece. Have the chin portion of the second head piece sticking out from the bottom of the first head piece. Make it a layer beneath the first head piece. This piece acts as a nose, so there’s no exact size or positioning. Just play with it.

As for arms, standard size works fine for me, but this part is completely based on experimentation. Play with the arms until your happy with they look in relation to the rest of the figure.

Masking works really well here because the body piece’s lines don’t show through the item you’re masking. Here are some examples.

There it is, guys! I hope you all find this tutorial helpful. Remember, experimentation is key here, so exact sizing and details are up to you. Laugh