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Scarlet Mantle


Mob soldier Grant Warner was known as a tough customer with a talent for armed robbery. When his crew where involved in an armored car robbery they weren’t expecting company, but a civilian car pulled up to investigate. Warner was ordered to murder the family of three and as used to violence as he was he found the killing of a woman and young child distasteful. Refusing his boss shot him in the head.

Fourteen hours later the door to the hideout burst open and the remaining mobsters were shocked to see a man with a rag torn from a young girl’s dress wrapped around his head and face, soaked through in blood. The man killed the crew and took the money, leaving his gun behind.

Grant sat in his room with his head in his hands and tore the makeshift bandages from his face and looked at them, this had to stop the killing, the violence, and the crime in general.

He was going to be the one to try.