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More amalgamations:
Super Metalloid – Metallo & Super Adaptoid
Stinger – Bumblebee & Wasp

And now I’ll do something I’ve been wanting to start a discussion about for awhile: Interesting symbiote hosts.
Feel free to comment here with any characters in the Marvel (or DC) universe that you think would make interesting symbiote hosts and why. I’ll kick things off with my top favorite for being a symbiote host, Rogue.
First of all, I think she’d look awesome (by which I mean sexy) in a Venom costume. I’m thinking something like the green-and-white goth version of Rogue from the Evolution cartoon but in black, with Rogue’s hair grown wild like the Scream symbiote’s.
Power-wise is where the bonding gets interesting. Both Rogue and the symbiote race are capable of stealing and replicating the powers of those they touch. So would Rogue bond completely with the symbiote and become one herself? And why hasn’t Marvel addressed this possibility?