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A few hours ago, I posted a comment on the latest “What Were They Thinking” article, giving a list of Amalgam Comics characters I think they missed out on. Since this is a mash-up thread, I thought I’d post it here so I can expand the list as more ideas come to me. So here again (with more ideas) are the characters they missed out on Amalgamating that would’ve been cool (or not), and a few I’ve found have already been done but needed better names:
Songbird – Black Canary & Mockingbird
Redbird – Robin & Mockingbird
Solomon Verde – Grundy & Hulk (“Grulk Crash!”)
Fantastic Plastic Man – Plastic Man & Mr. Fantastic
Zatanna Maximof – Zatanna Zatara & Scarlet Witch
Arrowhawk – Green Arrow & Hawkeye
Iron Eagle – Hawkman & Ironman
The Master – Sportsmaster & Taskmaster
Chance – Roulette & Domino
F.I.V.E. – A.M.A.Z.O., Brainiac, and Ultron 5
Night Vision – Batman & Vision
Vulcan – Thor & Steel
White Martian – Miss Martian & Emma Frost
Crimson Storm – Red Tornado, Crimson Dynamo, & Whirlwind
King Kobra – Kobra & King Cobra
White Tigress – White Tiger (Ava Ayala) & Tigress (Artemis Crock)
Wild Panther – Wildcat & Black Panther
Nighthunter – Nightwing & Falcon
Spider – Black Spider & Spider-Man (since both were voiced by Josh Keaton in Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man respectively)
Fearmonger – Scarecrow & Hatemonger
Fatale – Catwoman & Black Widow
Cheshire Cat – Cheshire & Black Cat
The Particle – Atom & Ant-Man
Super-Scarab – Black Beetle & Super-Skrull
Marvel Girl – Supergirl (Linda Danvers) & Miss Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Touch – Parasite & Rogue
Venosite – Parasite & Venom
Victor Cage – Cyborg & Power Man
The Killing Joke – The Joker & Deadpool
Lethal Lizard – Killer Crock & The Lizard