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Memento Mori (Remember That You Will Die)

“Sibyl! Please, wake up! We have to keep moving!”

“Unnn…. Dav… David? Am I dead?”

“We’re both alive thanks to you. Are you strong enough to get up?”

“I need to rest. My head and back hurt. The demon! Is he still after us?”

“No, Sibyl, we slew him.”

“What? How? I closed my eyes wishing that his fire would not harm us.”

“Yes, the flames went around us like there was a green shield blocking them. Then your eyes opened. They were glowing the same green. Sibyl, you were floating in the air!”

“Huh? I don’t remember. Then what?”

“I raised my sword but you grabbed the blade. The sword transformed in my hand! The blade turned into this green energy.

“The demon leapt and knocked you hard to the ground. He stomped on you. I swore that I heard your spine break! I plunged the sword deep into his back, right between his wings.”

“The sword, it’s beautiful. David, let me touch the blade.”

“Of course, Sibyl… Sibyl… No! You’ve stopped breathing! I can’t hear your heartbeat! The green blade… it’s fading… Wait, the energy is returning to Sibyl’s body. Sibyl?!?”

“Cough… David? Am I dead?”

“You are very much alive. Here, I will carry you until you are strong enough to walk.”