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Angel of Chaos
Participant is the Most High or simply God, I decided to not give him a full image. The reason why is because I didn’t want to offend any one with a full image. I respect the views of other people of different cultures and don’t call there beliefs false. I fell that everyone has a right to there own religious ways that are not the same as others should be respected no matter what. The Most High has all the aspects of the God in Judeo-Christian religion. He resides in the outer dimensional place known as Heaven. He is the creator of the Plain of Existence or simply life itself, he as existed beyond time and space. He is the oldest and most powerful being in existence and is responsible for the creation of both angels and humans. Before the creation of Earth and man he created the first original race of beings known as angels. The first three angels he created were Metatron the sribe , Lucifer the Morningstar and Michael the general of heavens army. These Archangels were the first beings ever created by The Most High and were the most powerful. Then he began to create other Archangels and angels such as Raphael , Gabriel , Azrael , Uriel ,Ariel ,Raziel ,Samuel and so many others. They became his most loyal creations and they served him as his messengers and warriors. Tho they were his most prized creations some began to turn on his word like his most beautiful angel Lucifer. After the angel Belial convinced Lucifer to rebel a great war happen. The war was known as the War in Heaven or the Angelic War ,Lucifer gathered a army of angels to serve him. The angel then began causing chaos and destruction in heaven so The Most High called upon a angel that rivaled Lucifer in every way. His name was Michael the Archangel and he led the army of God into battle against Lucifer and his legion. The army of God prevailed and The Most High/God ordered Michael to cast Lucifer and his army into the depths of Hell. The Most High is described has being good itself and beyond understanding.He is mysterious in every way and only a few human beings have seen him.