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Angel of Chaos

I couldn’t had said it better myself Lucifer’s is described has the lightbringer so I made the wings glow bright symbolizing that he was once God’s most beautiful angel. Like you Jr I’m a big fan of Abrahamic and Christian religion .I’m a fan of all mythology to be honest Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Hindu and so many others. One of man kinds greatest gifts is story telling and I love it. In my creative universe all the gods and goddess exist alongside angels, demons and monsters. The angels are at the top of creation and are the most powerful races in the universe. The Most High or simply God is the creator of everything in my comic universe, his very first creations were Lucifer, Michael and Metatron the very first angels. Then he made the other angels in heaven such as Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel ,Raziel ,The Angel of Death and so many others. Also I added a angel/demon known as Belial in my universe, I decided to make him almost darker character then Lucifer. I gave him the role as being the first fallen angel in creation. In some texts he’s the father of Lucifer and the one who convinced him to turn on God. Once he convinced Lucifer to become rebellious he was cast out before any other angel by God himself. This made Belial the very first demon and First of the Fallen ,after he fell from grace Lucifer the most high of all angels began a war with heaven. Not only did Lucifer turn on God because he was convinced by Belial but because he wanted to become God. After God created man Lucifer became fueled with hate and angry toward God, he felt that God had favored man more than him so he decided to start a war and overthrow The Creator of All. I will explain more when I create more characters.