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No one is entirely sure who the mysterious Alleycat is, or even what the hell she’s up to. She tends to insert herself into battles between superhumans, choosing one side seemingly at random and helping her chosen ally without uttering a single sound. When the fight is over, she slinks back into the shadows and vanished.

No one has ever been able to determine who the mysterious woman is and even the Hunter has been unable to follow her when the fight is done. Someone once suggested that she’s some form of battle spirit which has taken up residence in the city. Most people believe this to be nonsense as those who have fought her claim that she’s entirely flesh and bone. The Hunter is undecided. After all, this woman seems to leave no trace of her presence whatsoever. It has become a personal mission of his to find out more about one of the very few people who have ever managed to evade his tracking skills.


Not entirely sure what the whole balancing precariously thing is all about but…whatever.