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Zane Harley, Ricochet and Kinetic (formerly the Kinetic Kid) may well be the weirdest family of heroes the world knows.


Zane Harley may be small but don’t let that fool you. He packs one hell of a punch. Born with the ability to control kinetic energy, Zane managed to make the most of life and never let his dwarfism get the better of him. His abilities make him stronger, faster and more durable than most other people on the planet. Today, Zane is a government agent charged with finding the super powered youngsters of the world and teaching them how to control their powers.

Ricochet is Zane Harley’s son (though both kept their relationship secret for years) as well as one of Americas top heroes. He shares his dads control of kinetic energy but is maybe more powerful (but his power level seems to fluctuate). A show off with an ego, Ricochet is occasionally a bit of a jerk and doesn’t get along with many of the top tier heroes but has nonetheless had quite a career and has even led a team of (ill-fated) heroes for a time.

Kinetic is the result of one of Ricochet’s enemies attempts to clone the hero as part of some nefarious plot. Ricochet interrupted the machine which Kinetic was growing in before the maturation process was complete. He emerged with all of Ricochet’s memories and personality but had only physically developed into a teenager. Kinetic still had Ricochet’s heroic tendencies and helped Ricochet defeat the bad guy.
But as you can imagine, waking up to find that your entire life, everything you remembered, belonged to someone else was a tad shocking, not to mention infinitely depressing and Kinetic went on a downward spiral for several weeks as he reevaluated his existence. He had the memories of living to his mid twenties as Ricochet but was physically only a teenager. Ricochet himself was less than helpful, finding the whole situation disturbing and even at one point suggested killing his young clone.
Eventually Kinetic convinced himself to turn this bizarre situation into an opportunity. He had a second chance at life. A chance to do things differently. A chance to be a whole new person. He tried to make himself as different from Ricochet as possible, dying his hair blonde and adopting a punk rock style. Some people thought his desire to be different from Ricochet was pushing him to extremes. And to an extent, it was.
Unfortunately he was still technically a teenager and was forced to attend high school. Initially Zane Harley, his adoptive “father” placed him in the Claremont Academy, a school for super powered youngsters and the same school Ricochet had attended. While Kinetic liked the other powered students (and was even given the name The Kinetic Kid here) his obsession with being different from Ricochet pushed him to rebel and he spent more time roaming the streets than actually attending class. It was here that he encountered a group of kids with super powers who were trying to protect their neighborhood. After visiting these kids several more times, Kinetic realized that while their intentions where noble, they weren’t at all organized. What they needed was someone with experience to show them how to do it right. Lucky for them, he had plenty of experience. Okay so it was Ricochet’s experience but still..
He eventually managed to convince Zane to enroll him in the same school as his new friends. They needed guidance and he could provide it. It was a decision that benefited everyone. The Lost Boys (as they became known) benefited from Kinetic’s experience and leadership skills and Kinetic began to mellow somewhat. He has begun to settle into his new life and his new identity.
He still doesn’t like Ricochet a whole hell of a lot though.