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Here’s a remake of one of my earliest villains. I know, I know, I said I was doing too many remakes but this guy doesn’t count as he never actually made it to this forum. He existed only on the old site.

I admit I kind of just chucked this design together but that’s the kind of look I was going for. He generally just wears whatever kind of crap he finds lying around. So it works.


The subterranean mutate known as Creep got his name after kidnapping the heroine Dare Devil and declaring his love for her. Dare Devil was disgusted by him and called him a creep. Completely delusional, the creature took this as a term of endearment and has used it as his name ever since.

Dare Devil managed to escape Creep’s clutches but it was one of the most harrowing experiences of her life. Creep has since encountered a number of other heroes, who have all been utterly disgusted by him, but has as yet managed to evade capture. He continues his deluded love of Dare Devil and tries to steal her back to his underground lair whenever he can. Fortunately, Dare Devil has been able to outsmart the creature and evade his clutches but worries that one day even the infamously lucky Devil will simply run out of luck and the Creep will be waiting.