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Mercury. Half brother of Apollo and member of the Pantheon. Unlike his brother, Mercury has fully bought into the idea that he and the rest of the Pantheon are gods. The speedster has a growing number of fans and worshipers, many of whom are adrenaline junkies who pull off increasingly dangerous stunts in his name.

Mercury is one the most visible of the gods and easily the most vocal. He has been more responsible, perhaps even than Jupiter, for spreading the idea that the Pantheon are real live gods. At one point, Mercury appeared to be murdered on live TV by the hero turned villain, Corsair (who wanted to make a very public statement) When he later showed up alive and took down his would be murderer, it lent a lot of credence to the idea that the Pantheon were indeed gods. (In actual fact, Mercury was revived just before death by the healer known as Trauma. Although this isn’t widely known)

Full credit to Ams for the pose. Costume by me. So credit to him, blame to me