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Apollo is a member of the Pantheon, although unlike many others, he doesn’t buy into Jupiter’s hype that they’re gods. He and his half brother, Mercury, joined the Pantheon half out of curiosity and half out of a desire to keep an eye on Jupiter and the other so called gods. Since joining, Mercury now fully believes in Jupiter and his claims while Apollo remains skeptical.

Over the course of his adventures, Apollo has learned that his body contains within it the power of an entire star. This makes him potentially one of the most powerful beings on earth but also one of the most dangerous and he now lives in constant fear of death because the theory has been put to him that if his body really is like a humanoid star then there’s a possibility that when he dies, the energy inside him could collapse in on itself and create a black hole, capable of destroying the planet.


I like Apollo. He’s a total boy scout. Which is different from my usual characters who tend to always have a dark edge to their personalities. Hell, even the “angel” in my universe was a mental patient for a time.

p.s. Not entirely sold on the flaming fist. I don’t think I got that looking right.