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Despite his increasing years and expanding waistline, Ray Becket is one of the best detectives around. His sloppy appearance and frankly awful personality belie Becket’s complete dedication to justice. He is brash and surly and altogether unpleasant to be around but those who know him will all agree, Ray Becket is the one detective you always want on a case. Because he always gets the job done.

Becket is the former partner of Lincoln Harley, better known to the world at large as the hero Ricochet. Harley was the one man who could tolerate Becket for long periods of time and the two even became close friends. Becket even discovered his partner’s secret identity. He never directly said anything about it though and simply allowed Harley to go about his business, even covering for him when he could.

Likewise, Harley discovered that Becket is a meta-human himself. Although he never felt the need to go running around in a skin tight suit. Becket, while by no means invulnerable, actually grew stronger with every bit of damage he took. This ability came in handy more than a few times when Becket found himself backing up his partner in his other job as Ricochet when the hero encountered super powered villains. Becket invariably found himself brought into the fight. Ricochet even unofficially declared Becket “Payback” after deciding that he should have his own hero name. Becket only sneered at the idea.

When Harley quit the police force, disenfranchised by the way things were being handles within the FCPD, Becket stayed on. No one else wanted to work with the foul mouthed detective though and Ray was fine with that. Becket spent several months solving cases on his own, happy to get things done without having to put up with anyone else getting in his way (although he did miss Harley…from time to time) but he eventually encountered a young dog who seemed quite a bit smarter than most canines (and a lot of humans he knew). The dog started to follow Becket around, despite Becket’s best attempts to get rid of it, and even helped him solve a case. Seeing that the mutt could be useful, Becket decided to keep him around and christened him Sherlock. Sherlock lived up to his name, accompanying Becket on multiple cases. Becket and Sherlock work well together, even if they are the brunt of a lot of jokes around the station.

Becket (and Sherlock) still help Ricochet out from time to time, often with more than a few jokes from Becket about his old friends choice of clothes.

Surely it must chafe.
“Bring it on, punk.” – Ray Becket.