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I’ve been messing around with this guy for quite a while now. I couldn’t get it looking right for some time and I was tempted to just give up but he’s such a good character I didn’t want to do that so I kept trying. After creating the Ant Queen (specifically her wings) I finally found a look that, I think, said “Technological Insect”…..Boy, that’s a weird demand for a character.


Daniel Saint is gifted with the ability to control any technology with just one touch. Weirdly, he’s also gifted with the ability to shrink to microscopic sizes. This actually comes in handy as he can get inside a piece of tech both literally and figuratively.

Daniel is a skilled hacker and took up the name Microchip as an online alias. The suit he built and wore while venturing inside machines resembled a robot but was really just to protect him from any electrical backlash. The few people who saw him in full getup mistook him for a superhero or villain, although he had no intention of being either.

It was only with his eventual association with Dragonfly that Daniel/Microchip found himself dragged more and more into the world of super-heroics. On one unfortunate occasion, Microchip found himself trapped in the strange place known as “The Lost World” with Dragonfly and several other heroes and villain. Cut off from every form of technology for a number of weeks (a terrible fate for a technopath) Danny had a slight breakdown. Fortunately he and the others managed to make their way back home but not before the lost world had had an effect on Daniel.

Back home, he secretly built himself a new set of armour that resembled, in many ways, Dragonfly’s costume and began to take a far more active role in the world of superheores. No one knew who this new hero calling himself Static Buzz was but they knew that his tactics were reckless and put others in danger. Static intervened in Dragonfly’s adventures for several weeks, throughout which both seemed to develop a professorial (though light-hearted, as far as Static was concerned) rivalry.

The truth has only recently been revealed about Static Buzz’s true identity and while he and Dragonfly continue to work together, the lies and abrupt change in Daniel’s personality has put a strain on their relationship.


Hmmmm. I could probably have summed that all up a lot quicker by simply saying “He went through a Yellow-Jacket phase”.