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Mad Jack

@Anarchangel said:
I’m looking forward to it. I love a good insect character.

I’m afraid I’ll have to postpone the publishing of my new heroes until tomorrow since I have still a lot of writing to do. And because we’re 8 hours ahead to the states it’s now time for me to get on my couch… Laugh

@Anarchangel said:

@JR19759 said:
BTW, take a look at your reply to madjack. There’s a word that you’ve mis-spelled that gives the sentence a completely different (and completely wrong) meaning.

That was hilarious! (and rather creepy)
Thanks for catching that.

Oh no, come on – that’s unfair – you’ve already corrected it. I’d love to know what you had written. Maybe food instead of good?! Argh, now I’ll never know … Yell