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@Herr D said:

@JR19759 said:

I see what you mean. Maybe add some sort of blue detailing to the chest/ stomach area, just to give the gold a little more help breaking up that sea of white. Also, his left foot seems to be horribly broken to have twisted so far in that direction.

You now have treads if you want a side view of that boot sticking out. If it were me, I’d add something like masking the web background in blue to a transparent odd shape, maybe one of the spiky ears for something asymmetrical. Lay some shapes out over it to see what you like.

Maybe I’m just having a stupid moment but I’m not entirely sure what you’re suggesting here. Are you suggesting I include the web background on the character himself somewhere or just in the background?

Good tip for the boots but I think when I get back into fixing him I may change the lower half of his body to eliminate that weird way he’s standing. I just couldn’t figure out the physics of how to fit the boot to that leg shape first time around.