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The Goliath Beetle (or simply Goliath) is one of the reasons the insectoid human community has such a bad reputation. A merrcenary by trade, Goliath’s loyalty is to whoever can pay him the most. And unfortunately, those people tend to be on the wrong side of the law. And are usually enemies of the Ant Queen.

Goliath is an incredibly dangerous individual. Capable of shrinking down to a size where he could fit in a human hand, he can often infiltrate enemy bases undetected. But it’s when he uses his power to grow to massive sizes that Goliath becomes truly frightening. He is destruction on two legs and quite often a pair of remarkably tough wings too. The armored Goliath can seem unstoppable and to date, no single hero has ever been able been able to bring him down without help.

Goliath is a bully at heart and delights in tormenting the skittish wannabe hero Firefly whenever he gets the chance. He hates heroes like Vespa and Dragonfly. Although he’s kind of fond of Dragonfly’s partner, Static Buzz, simply because on one occasion when Goliath went on a rampage Static ended things in his usual direct manner by offering the mercenary more money that his employer was. In actual fact Static had hacked Goliath’s employers bank account and transferred the money to Goliath. Goliath didn’t really care one way or the other. So long as he got paid.

“Puny insects!” – Goliath.