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And then there’s Daybreak.


Daybreak is a monster. A human wrecking ball bent on utter destruction of everything in his path. When exposed to daylight, he becomes possibly the strongest creature on earth and has become widely known as one of the greatest threats any hero (or villain…Daybreak doesn’t make the distinction) can ever face. During his first rampage through Freedom city it took dozens of superhumans, the national guard and one incredibly lucky shot to bring the behemoth down.

(The monster was christened Daybreak by Mercury of The Pantheon because “He breaks stuff during the day”. Simple but undeniable logic.)

After his first defeat, Daybreak was imprisoned in a darkened cell to keep his strength in check. Unfortunately, Daybreak proved far smarter than anyone ever realized and learned the it was exposure to any sort of light that gave him strength. He used this information to orchestrate his escape and has been a consistently lethal problem for everyone he encounters.

(Daybreak maintains a special hatred for Nightingale for a number of reasons. During his first rampage, the super strong medic was surprisingly able to hold her own against Daybreak. Nightingale’s policy of protecting life and aiding others disgusts Daybreak who is bent on nothing more than causing as much destruction as possible and sees Nightingale as the antithesis of everything he is.)


I’ve been trying to come up with a look to do this character justice for a long time now and while I’m not entirely convinced I’ve gotten it spot on with this one, it does come close.