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This next one was a quick character I created for my nephew. He had been looking through my characters and took a liking to the insect themed ones like Vespa and Dragonfly (he shares my love of bugs) and asked if I’d make a new one for him.

Sting is the result.

I decided to base him off of my nephew and name him Vespa’s sidekick for two reasons. Firstly because she was his favourite and secondly because I could not for the life of me think of a female superhero who had a male sidekick. The few women heroes that do have sidekicks all seem to have girls. I just thought this was an interesting change.

The design of this costume is by no means breaking any new ground and I’m pretty sure I’ve used every element of it before but my nephew seemed to like it so….meh.


p.s. I could be entirely wrong about that whole sidekick thing so if I am, please let me know.