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@Scatman said:

I haven’t made something new in more than 3 weeks!That might be the longest since Hurricane Sandy when the power went down for 2 weeks.But I have the time and the power,just not the creativity.So I feel the same ,it happens to all of us!It will come to you,and taking a step back is the smartest thing to do!you’ll see!Cheers!!

I actually left the Heromachine community for well over a year due to increased workload, exploding computers and increasing the size of my family by one (not to mention the increased troll activity at the time). It was during that time that I initially came up with the majority of characters that you see here. It wasn’t until I started using HM again that I was finally able to give them all faces (and spangly outfits). Hopefully it won’t take me over a year to start creating again this time.

No doubt I’ll come up with a ton of character concepts again now that I’ve stepped away from Heromachine.