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Bones is a killing machine. And some people believe the machine part may be literal. As a former spec-ops commando from one of the worlds best units, Bones is capable of taking out dozens of men on his own. His skill on the battle field is so well known that it wouldn’t come as a surprise to many to learn that Bones is actually a meta-human (super human). What would be surprising to most however is that his meta-human ability is actually to heal the wounds of other people.

After leaving the special forces Bones put his training to good use. In bad ways. He became a masked vigilante, acting as judge, jury and executioner to those he deemed to have broken laws he seemingly made up in his own increasingly unstable mind. He began to actually enjoy causing pain and even learned to use his natural healing powers in reverse, literally draining the life from people.

It took the combined efforts of several heroes to finally bring the increasingly deranged vigilante to justice. He managed to engineer his own breakout several times and on the most recent such occasion, Bones encountered another healer. A far more benevolent mind than Bones, she used her powers not to heal the vigilantes body but his mind.

Returned to prison once again, Bones has been freed of his desire to inflict pain upon others and has even been convinced to use his ability to heal for its intended purpose. For now, Bones has been placed on Payne’s new team as a test of his desire to genuinely do good.