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Fat Man & Little Boy aren’t just descriptions. These two really are named that. Points if you know why. I know there’s at least one person around here who knows, as they’ve done their own characters with the same name.


Fat Man is a human wrecking machine. His large size (and ability to grow even larger) coupled with his immense strength allow him to hold his own against some of the top tier heroes. Although they can generally outsmart him. If you can somehow remove Fat Man’s helmet and reveal his abnormally shaped head, you’ve earned an enemy for life.

Little Boy, despite his seemingly innocent appearance, is even more dangerous that his fat friend. And if you believe the rumours, much older too Using his abnormally large eyes, Little Boy is capable of hypnotizing people into doing his bidding. The truly scary part is that Little Boy is a complete sociopath with seemingly no concern for human life whatsoever. If Fat Man wasn’t around to reign in his little friend, his body count would likely sky rocket.