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Shaman was part of a team including Dragonfly and Apollo (before he joined the Pantheon) and many others. Able to control vast mystical energies, Shaman always held back on really using his powers, almost seeming to be afraid of them. It wasn’t until he became possessed by the malevolent being known as Entropy that the full extent of Shaman’s powers were revealed. He battled Comet in a fierce battle, surprisingly holding his own in a fight against an opponent most would consider far more powerful than he was. In the end, after Shaman has weakened Comet enough, Entropy jumped ship and possessed the extra-terrestrial hero. Entropy moved on to carry out his master plan with his new victim and Shaman, now free of the villains control, lay broken and exhausted, seemingly with no more control over the mystical energies he once possessed.

Entropy was eventually defeated but Shaman was still disconnected from his magics. He spent quite some time in seclusion from the rest of the world, in communication with the spirits. Eventually he returned to society, seemingly having regained control of at least a fraction of his powers. Some have grown worried though that he may have resorted to invoking dark spirits to regain his abilities, as something seems different, some even say darker, about the mystical Shaman.