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Competing with Comet for the 2nd spot on my list of favourite characters, this is Seraph.


Seraph is one of, if not the most controversial hero around. She claims to be an angel sent from heaven to protect humanity. A claim seemingly backed up by her array of angelic powers (including the ability to create shimmering golden weapons and even heal people) and the fact that during her first public appearance, she appeared in a blinding flash of light, high above the city (and then proceeded to fall, unconscious, towards the ground, leading some to refer to her as a fallen angel).

The general public tends to believe one of two things about Seraph. Either that she is exactly who she claims to be and is deserving of incredible praise and perhaps even worship, or that she’s simply another whack-job with superhuman powers who needs to be locked up.

What the general public doesn’t know is that Seraph has actually led a mortal life ad Talia Rose and has even spent some time in a mental institute, claiming that she was hearing voices in her head. After some time, Talia was released with a clean bill of health but then seemingly vanished. She wasn’t seen again until her very public first appearance as Seraph.

The self professed angel was celebrated by many, including the catholic church, but Seraph has proven that she won’t just be a mouthpiece for the Vatican and has very publicly disagreed with them on key issues such as gay marriage. Her “God loves gays” quote has earned her praise of many people but has put her further into the doghouse with many others. That said though, she still agrees with the church on many matters, such as abortion etc. Every life is precious to her.

Whether people believe Seraph’s claims or not, the majority of them respect her for the good that she has done and continues to do.