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Rounding off the main cast of the Pantheon is a character who…isn’t actually part of the Pantheon.


Alyssa Wild is a government agent working as the liaison between the Pantheon and the United States Government. Officially her role is to oversee the Pantheon’s activities in and around the United States. Unofficially her job is to keep a close watch on the self processed “gods” and report their activities back to her overseers. If any of the Pantheon step out of line and become a threat to the united states or it’s people, agent Wild is to be the one to sound the alarm.

While some among the Pantheon resent her presence, Alyssa has done well to acquit herself well and has earned the respect of most of the group and has even grown quite close to a few.

Alyssa is just an ordinary human, albeit a highly trained one, and has no metahuman powers. However she has, on multiple occasions, proven that she is more than capable of holding her own in a fight with super powered individuals.

While Alyssa is one of the best agents the United States Government has, many saw her assignment to the Pantheon as a demotion or punishment for her tendency to question her superiors orders. Alyssa doesn’t see things like this however and considers current assignment a golden opportunity to hone her skills and make an impact.

[Side Note: Alyssa is a huge fan of the worlds costumed heroes and collects every piece of memorabilia she can find. She even has a special room set aside at home just to store it all. Very few people know this fact about the agent though. Surprisingly, Mercury is one of the few who do, after he and Eros broke into Wild’s apartment. Even more surprising is the fact that the blabbermouth hasn’t told anyone.]