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This is an HM3 remake of a character I created a loooooong time ago with HoM. I tried to stay as close to the original costume as possible but I may make him a new one at some point.

If Comet is the Superman of my universe, then Prowler is definitely the Batman. Although Jack and Lincoln don’t have the epic bromance that Clark and Bruce have. In fact they’ve never even met.

I’m not sure my usual white background works here. The character is supposed to be pretty stealthy but that doesn’t really come across here…..Oh well.


Ask most people about the Prowler and they’ll tell you he’s nothing more than an urban legend. A story spread by the law to scare the bad guys into staying on the straight and narrow. But unfortunately for the criminal underworld, Prowler is all too real. The masked vigilante slinks through the shadows, pouncing on unsuspecting prey like a big cat of the urban jungle. They say he has control over the very shadows themselves and the speed of seven men. In actual fact, Lincoln Everett has none of these things. He’s just a man who grew tired of the criminal element that went unchecked by the almighty superheroes of the world and so decided to do something about it. But he lets the rumors spread. He lets his prey fear him. It makes his work so much easier. Not to mention fun.