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IRON ATOM – Dr. Ray Palmer, a scientist and expert in nanotech in Stark Industries’ R&D Dept., uses dwarf star material, found in a meteorite, to develop ultra-micro-miniaturized products and electronic components. But prolonged exposure to the material imparts to Palmer the ability to shrink himself and other objects down to any size, including microscopic or even sub-atomic, with no loss of full-size force and mass. In concert with Tony Stark (Stark Industries has proprietary rights) the tiny Palmer constructs a suit of micro-miniaturized armor equipped with Stark’s repulsors and power sources, with advanced weaponry, communications equipment, flight capability, strength enhancement – the usual Iron Man stuff. He has the ability to shrink down, don the tiny armor, change its size and his, and ride telephonic/electronic/optical/sonic signals to wherever he dials, including into computer systems where he and his suit’s electronics and software can play hell with data and hardware. He is an invisibly-tiny high-speed flying heavily-armed strongman who can go anywhere.
Suit can only enlarge to a fixed size (about 5″ tall) before its circuitry and power supply are rendered ineffective.
His arch-foe, Crimson Chronos, can send small red ‘chronobots’ thru time to wreak havoc while controlling them from whenever he is.