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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Power House
AKA: Caleb Jones
Gender: Male
Alliance: Hero
Info: Caleb was a great hero. His ability to increase the strength of other peoples powers made him a great asset to all hero groups, but not only this, he could also shoot out charged beams of energy at foes. However one mission became his darkest moment. In an all out battle with over 20 heroes, and un-countable enemies, he was blown up half to hell. It took three years for him to get his new body, two more for him to adjust to it. Now he is remorseless, preferring to char his enemies than charge his allies. He stays alone mostly, preferring solitude in his own company.

(now it feels good to upload this one as i have had it waiting a long time, i just couldn’t bring myself to do all the shading and stuff for the mechanical bits. But i did it in the end so here he is)