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Alexander of Limbo

Name: The Ticking Assassin
AKA: Unknown
Gender: Male
Alliance: Neutral
Info: The Assassin was once the best assassin of his age. A middle eastern night terror. Several theories exist as to how he ended up with a clockwork heart. Some say that he fell in love with one of his targets, her beauty was unrivaled and the two lived happily, secretly meeting for months. However she was a princess and she was due to wed a ruthlessly mean prince whom found the two one day. This prince ripped the heart from the Assassin. The prince also had at his disposal a Genie; the princess stole his Genies bottle and wished for her love to have a new heart but the Genie’s allegiance was to his evil master, and he gave the Assassin a ticking heart so that his master could hear where the Assassin is.

Another story has it that the Assassin found his love in bed with her fiance, and tore his own heart out for the grief. All that is now known is that if you hear ticking on a dark night then it’ll probably be the last thing you hear.