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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Sobek
Gender: Male
Alliance: God of The Nile, The Army and Military, Fertility
Info: Sobek was an often violent hyper-sexual, and erratic deity, prone to his primal whims. He was arrested for multiple murders and rapes, and once let lose in on earth this didn’t stop. He stalked the Nile even going so far as to fuse his crocodile bio-helm permanently to his head, believing he was part crocodile. Dangerous as he was if Horus could win him to his cause he would be an invaluable ally. Ra feared that this was a dangerous cause and convinced Isis to train the child Horus in the powers of persuasion. The training worked, and then some, as the adult Horus one day won over Sobek and also managed to calm the beast.

Despite the now apparent calmness of Sobek, Ra still wanted to keep a close eye on him. Ra would often call him onto his ship to keep him out of trouble, this is how Sobek also became seen as a solar deity.