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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Anubis
Gender: Male
Alliance: God of the Dead (and embalming)
Info: Anubis was the ships medic, and although he never fought Ra it was clear that he wouldn’t exactly be easy for the criminal. Upon discovering a type of limbo that human souls go to when they die Anubis was banished by Ra to this new plain of existence which was soon called Duat. It was here that Anubis took on the job of sorting the good from the bad, and prepared them for whatever real afterlife awaited them by sending them to Aaro (for the good) or to be eaten by his pet Ammit. In his time within the afterlife realm Anubis discovered a way to use the death of humans (and worship by humans) as a sustenance for the other Gods. This practically made them immortal, until worship stopped and their supply ran low. Since then they’ve slumbered.