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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Daisy
AKA: (surname unknown)
Gender: Female
Alliance: Hero
Info: Daisy is very much the embodiment of peace. She didn’t get her abilities from radiation, they weren’t given to her by some mad scientist, and she wasn’t cursed or blessed by a higher being. She was born with the purest soul. since birth she has had powers of healing, an ability to calm and all sorts of other abilities related to light and kindness. At about age six she came across a robot, it was confused, on the run and unintentionally aggressive, but she showed the robot love and without her power helped the later dubbed “Mr Rainbow” become another instrument of peace. Mr Rainbow hadn’t left her side since.
If she decides to show her powers when she uses them they appear as bright lights and rainbows, but she can use them without displaying it.

Name: Mr Rainbow
AKA: Experiment 003
Gender: N/A (more of a older brother/father figure so possibly male)
Alliance: Hero
Info: Mr Rainbow was made from replicated parts of a downed UFO by a shady corporation. We can tell that they’re shady because they stuck a huge mini-gun on an experimental robot. Mr Rainbow subsequently escaped from the corporation shortly after being turned on. Because of the technology used Mr Rainbow does not in fact have artificial intelligence, he has actual intelligence and as a result of this is pretty much a sentient being, with feelings and emotions. It is because of this that he was confused and (unfortunately) a little aggressive after his creation/birth and escape. But the six year old Daisy comforted and loved him when they crossed paths, and because of this Mr Rainbow has come to love Daisy unconditionally. Although he follows her on her path of peace it is unclear as to whether Mr Rainbow is peaceful, as he has displayed quite aggressive tendencies when Daisy is threatened.