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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Comet
AKA: Billie Campbell
Gender: Female
Alliance: Hero
Info: Billie Campbell was just a normal girl trying to get on with her life when the school badboy (Derek Miller) asked her out for a midnight swim in the towns closest lake. After going there she realized that Derek was a nasty person who liked to take advantage of girls. Billie was swimming away from Derek when a comet crashed into the creak and both absorbed some type of radiation (you know how this goes) which bestowed them both powers. Neither told each other of these powers and Derek’s emerged much later. Billie could produce intense sparks/flames/energy and could fly. However what neither knew was that there were sentient life forms in the comet, which attached themselves to the two teens. Both have memories of extraterrestrials, and neither are in fact the same person they were before. Billie was both her, and the other being, somewhere in between with memories and feelings of both beings.