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Alexander of Limbo

@The Atomic Punk said:

“Insert Freud reference here.”

Seriously, I like it. The painted bones are very effective. The patchwork costume and overall vibe works. And I will say it, she seems rather young and white to be a loa. Leaving the nose flesh surrounded by the skull design. That’s what puts it together. She has potential from being a gimmick to a serious character. I picture her walking into a place to Ween’s “Voodoo Lady” and letting everyone know who’s boss.

I know what you mean about her being too white. But i always find it funny when people say that someone is too young to have a certain name, considering that they were a baby when they were named, and that names don’t change with age. Also i did see the transformation of gimmick to serious, but instead i saw i from bad character who turns good and starts to kick ass in that profession.Smile

(don’t know what you mean about Freud reference thoughConfused, i only know him for his kill your dad + do your mother thing, which doesn’t quite apply here)