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Alexander of Limbo
One faction in [unnamed city] is Apis Enterprise. Their tower of technological magnitude looms over the city, and contracts most of the cities defense systems, police weaponry, and security for prisons. However there is a dodgy side to Apis Enterprise, with many ‘experiments’ leaking onto the streets.

Hornet is one such experiment. All that is known about hornet is that he had army training and was test subject mark 1 for Apis’s electro-corrective treatment. Basically they electrocuted him. The objective was to affect synapses in his brain and the efficiency of impulses through his muscles to make him 100% in tune with his body, meaning he can do pretty much whatever he can imagine. However it screwed his brain up a little and he went on a little rampage, stealing a prototype ‘Apis Cell Suit’. The Suit merged with cells of his body, and can only be removed every now and then. His memory flashes back to him and he can see a small girl in them. He also comes to clashes with Limbo, but eventually becomes an on again off again help to Limbo when Apis is involved.