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The Atomic Punk

Race Name: Sangspur (San’pur)
Skin Color: Pale, blanche
Common Facial Hair: None
Common Hair: White, gray, blond(e)
Common Eye color and hair color: pink, red, purple, white – rarest, green… the bloods of nobles
Common clothing type: tunics, cloaks, light clothing that covers the whole body to protect them from the sun
Race Unique Abilities: resistant to poisons and disease; healers and hospitalers; able to heal by transferring ailments and wounds to themselves; the process requires a Sangspur to recover from the amount absorbed

Race Unique Physicalities: the skin of a Sangspur is prized for aphrodisiacs; organs are also used in alchemy and rituals; their yellow blood is an ingredient for elixirs of speed and alertness; red blood for strength and speed; their third blood, blue, for healing potions and youth serum; dual six-chambered hearts increase their vitality and survivability

A little Background(optional): The Sangspur are a reserved, quiet race who would have preferred to be left alone. Unfortunately, the outside world found them. Their physique is lithe and seemingly delicate. Despite appearances, they are durable, agile, and spry. Which is still not enough to fend off those who want to harvest them for magics or enslave them. For their own protection, the Sangspur have assumed roles as food-tasters and healers among royalty and those who can afford their services. To have a Sangspur in his employ is a symbol of a monarch’s wealth and prestige.

As well as being physicians, Sangspur are confidants. They profess not to influence but only advise. Yet their hushed words hold sway over empires and kingdoms. They are not a malicious people but will work circumstances to favor their own ends. Sangspur prefer to work for strong and absolute rulers as they offer the best protection with little ambiguity. Their favorite employers are dragons and dragonkin for obvious reasons of wealth and power.

To encounter a Sangspur outside of a castle is a troubling sign. They are rarely seen without their masters. Which means that a king (or dragon!) is often near. A reasonable conclusion is that a Sangspur is accompanying an expedition or full campaign. Perhaps a war spurned by the Sangspur’s own words.