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He is older — by a whopping 6 years. I think they make him look older for his role. Wonder if there’s any way I can make the eyebrows more … I dunno, “feathery,” I guess. That would be more accurate to the guy I have in mind.

Layers of translucent? When I did a portrait of Rod Serling, I had to do that a lot. Feathery can be gotten with small Hair, mostly translucent showing only one of 3 colors, the same treatment of the crackling or fire Energy items in ItemRight.
Good luck. Human faces are HARD. But then, I should stick to what I understand, right?

“Feathery” was probably the wrong word. “Wispy” might have been better. Behold:

However, I think translucence and using hair items might still be helpful advice. Thanks!