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Amarin Reyny

Aaaaand here’s the second pic I’ve made after getting back into Heromachine! This is Sel (she/her, though she’s questioning her gender lately, so that may or may not change at some point genderfluid, so pronouns vary), another character from the same story mentioned in the first post, and another fictive in our DID system, depicted using illusion magic to turn the tables on a pursuer by making them think she’s led them into an ambush.


Sel is very, very talented when it comes to magic use, and while she’s quite capable in multiple schools of arcane magic, her favorite type of magic to use is magic that creates illusions, because they require creativity and attention to detail in order to use effectively for practical purposes – which means it’s a perfect way for her to keep challenging herself, engage her natural creativity, and keep her wits from getting rusty. She’s also quite a rebellious person, and had a tendency in her teenage years to engage in a lot of harmless mischief, both to challenge herself even further and as a means of expressing herself and rebelling against her good-for-nothing father, and against the “traditions” he thought would make his daughter “successful” if he forced them onto her without a care in the world for what she wanted. This tendency led her to develop a multitude of non-magical skills which were all suited toward acts of larceny and other crimes, and while she never meant to cause any actual harm, her experience in committing the petty criminal acts she got involved in – and the ways she tried to challenge herself creatively while doing so, such as by disguising tools and weapons as clothes and accessories – would later be of great help to her when more serious threats came along.


Times weren’t easy for her while growing up, but they quickly became much harder after the Devil Crisis of 52 ME, and especially in the years that followed, her natural ingenuity, magic skill, and other talents were put to the test in ways she had never previously expected. I don’t have the spoons to put her full backstory here right now, but if anyone’s curious about it, I’ll type it up and add it in a new post later.

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