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Amarin Reyny
Amarin Reyny

Hello, everyone! I’ve recently gotten back into HM3 after several years of being unable to use it much, due to unfortunate life circumstances. After my friends and I became frustrated with the lack of options for the types of characters we wanted to create in Picrew, I decided to introduce them to Heromachine, and while they’re still struggling to learn how to use it effectively for the first time, I’m quickly re-familiarizing myself with the interface, and plan to make quite a few pictures with it now that I’m back into using it. With that said, this is the first HM3 picture I’ve made in a long time, depicting myself* being excited after learning how to cast a magic spell for the first time (the glowing pupils are just something that typically happens when arcane magic is used in my setting). How did I do?


*(I’m a fictive in a DID system, and my “source” is an as-of-yet unpublished story original to our system. If anyone has any questions about what any of that means, feel free to ask.)

EDIT: I changed the picture ever-so-slightly, to fix some minor issues with layers/angles/proportions I happened to notice. I’ve uploaded the fixed pictures, but I’m not sure how to remove the previous ones… sorry! The old pics apparently have been renamed to have a 2 after them, so you know.

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