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Ted Breckenridge/Oil Slick: Driven by the thrill of the hunt, Ted Breckenridge is a bounty hunter to the core; he has no real loyalty to G.E.M, but between the chip in his head and the fact they pay well, he sticks around. Ruthless, determined, and focused on the prize like a hawk, he’ll complete whatever objective is given to him with brutal efficiency, and sometimes he’ll go after more than just his target, all for just a bit more payment. Still, despite his ruthlessness, he’s not completely heartless; there remain lines he refuses to cross, and genuinely likes many of his fellow villains; he’s exceptionally fond of Fire Glider, sympathizing with her horrid past and letting her tinker with his bike.

Ted Breckenridge/Oil Slick has a Toolkit that grants him the ability to control raw oil. Though he mainly uses it for his bike and as a deterrent for pursuers, he can also turn it into a solid form to create walls and traps, and can shoot it from his mouth as well. He is also capable of turning his body into liquid oil as well, which he often uses as a means of escape. Oil Slick’s bike is also heavily modified with G.E.M tech that he and Fire Glider added; it is equipped with small railguns, a flamethrower, a larger gas tank, and various other offensive and defensive capabilities.

Oil Slick did not lose an aspect of himself when injected with Teardrop.