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[Improvements of Teardrop have been noticeable. There is now less chance that a subject loses a part of themselves, but the subject is at higher risk for permanent, noticeable physical change.]

Salvatore Barrows/Don Bulletproof: There’s a reason why many heroes are grateful Dante Brosshollow left his father’s drug empire; had he stayed, he almost certainly would’ve turned out like crime lord Salvatore Barrows. Sadistic, violent, vicious, and completely, utterly paranoid, Barrows spends his days overseeing the criminal underworld’s massive drug, weapon, and human trafficking network… and violently beating his underlings to death at the slightest provocation and with the ease of flicking a switch, and ever since becoming a Paradigm, he’s only gotten worse. He’s dreaded across the criminal world for his violent temper and mood swings, and the one person who doesn’t have to walk on eggshells around him is his childhood best friend and former crime lord, Ernesto Etienne, and even then, he’s only there to reel in Barrows. Since becoming a Paradigm, Barrows has been using his trafficking network to supply the organization that turned him with a steady supply of people; guinea pigs for their experiments.

Salvatore Blandford/Don Bulletproof’s Toolkit is rather simple; he has the ability to change his flesh into organic steel at will, granting him immense durability and strength.

Don Bulletproof did not lose part of himself when injected with Teardrop; he is the first sign that the compound was beginning to improve.