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G. W.

I’m back. Honestly, at least for a while, I’ve given up on the superverse. I’ll probably come back to it a few years down the line. I have been really getting into D&D lately though, so once I saw the current CDC series, I decided to come back. I missed the first round, but oh well. I don’t normally play paladins (I prefer spell-slingers) so I didn’t really have a character concept. This character was actually created by a random character generator (at least the basic concept), so here we go. Here is gnome paladin Vorlin Maekkelferce:

The son of a humble jeweler, Vorlin always knew that he wanted to be a hero. Eventually, he got his chance, receiving divine powers from the god of gnomes. He began training as much as he could, trying to master the art of the sword. Now he travels the world, saving and protecting those in need in the name of his god.

Although the god in the backstory is a take on Garl Glittergold, I decided to loosely base the imagery of his outfit on Bahamut, just because that is probably the most iconic paladin imagery.

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