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Here’s the gif of the Paladin process:

And the final image:


Analisse stared at Angelalea’s glowing face, lost in her beauty which outshined even those of purest elven blood. Although the night was still, her blonde hair flowed like water. Her infectious smile caused the corners of Analisse’s stoic mouth to turn slightly upward.

Angelalea’s loveliness was rivaled only by her goodness. Analisse rubbed her scar remembering when the paladin stood over her dying body with tear-stained cheeks. The good knight’s eyes glowed like the sun as she felt warmth fill her failing frame. The kind act almost cost Angelalea her own life and if she could, she would have given her own eye to replace Analisse’s.

“You okay, Analisse?” asked a puzzled Angelalea. The embarrassed fighter gruffed, “Fine,” and wiped her eye. “Da’maj secured the key to the city sewers from the mayor under the guise of getting rid of their giant rat problem. Of course, we know why we’re really entering the stink,” winked the knight. “Don’ give ‘way all ‘r secrets,” sounded a voice like Da’Maj coming out the dark, “th’ night has ears.”

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