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Elizabeth Tolman/Mothwoman: The long string of natural disasters the people of the Grand Lands have suffered will go down in history as one of the most intense few months they’ve ever endured… and the strange sightings of a winged figure with massive red eyes among the carnage have become a destructive omen. But few have noticed that approximately a week before the first earthquake hit, MassiveMart cashier Elizabeth Tolman disappeared without warning. Even fewer have made the connection that the two events and the red-eyed figure are all correlated.

Now having been reduced to a mothlike-wraith by Project: G.E.M’s nefarious experiments, the missing Elizabeth Tolman finds herself surrounded by disaster and death wherever she goes, cursed to know that she is the cause of the catastrophes. A kind and empathetic woman with absolutely no control over her powers, the crushing horror and guilt she feels may be what eventually causes her to snap.

Elizabeth Tolman/Mothwoman’s Toolkit is based on the urban legend that inspired her; she is incredibly strong and agile and her senses of hearing, smell and sight have been enhanced past the peak of human perfection. She is capable of seeing in darkness with incredible clarity, flight, adapting to a variety of environments, clinging to walls, and generating silk. However, her defining power is her ability to trigger natural disasters wherever she goes; she has caused hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and a vast variety of other cataclysms. Mothwoman currently has no way to control her powers, and is desperately searching for a way to do so.

Mothwoman’s price in exchange for her powers was her ability to physically feel; she describes it as if she’s floating in a nightmare.

Project: G.E.M: END Phase 1