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Norris Allmond/The Basilisk: it’s quite uncommon for a subject of Project: G.E.M to be truly evil before receiving their injection; career criminal Norris Allmond is one of those individuals. A low-functioning sociopath who doesn’t even bother to hide his horrid sadism, he takes a perverse delight in spreading pain and misery to as many people as he can, and the vast majority of his fellow villains regard him with sickened loathing. Now that he’s been transformed into a Paradigm, Allmond takes an icy glee in the new ways he can inflict harm…

Heavily inspired by the Greek myths of Medusa, the Basilisk’s Toolkit revolves around the abilities of a snake. He is capable of shifting from a human to a giant, snake-like form; when in this form, he can sense vibrations, possesses an incredibly powerful healing factor, is incredibly agile and fast despite his size, and he is capable of feats of immense strength in both his bite and his body; he will often contract around an object to crush it. However, his most dangerous weapon is his gaze; he can turn anyone he makes eye contact with into stone.

The price for Basilisk’s power is unknown; it is generally believed to be his mental self-restraint, which allowed his raw sociopathy to get even worse.