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Here’s a Gif of the process to create the Warrior Fighter – Analisse:


and the final image:
Warrior-Fighter- Analisse

I hope to make an entry for each part of the current theme so as an added incentive, I’m going to write a story to go with it:

The night closed in, which made the Lucky Dragon’s torches glow all the brighter. Outside, the sounds of cicadas and crickets filled the air, but inside conversations ranged from drunken nonsense to secret whisperings of ancient tales. One half-elf hunched in a dark corner staring at the bottom of her glass with her one good eye while a stranger watched her from the bar.

Before she realized it, the odd fellow stood over her with a grimy grin. “Hey pretty, why don’t you give me a smile to match that lovely face.” As he went to brush the hair from her face, a chain suddenly squeezed around his neck. His face slammed into the table and a sickle’s blade stuck into the side of his mouth. “You first,” she rasped.

The bartender yelled over the noise, “If you’re going to cause trouble, then get out!” The one-eyed fighter glared at the barkeep but decided it was better not to draw more unwanted attention. She threw a coin towards the bar and entered the quiet of the night, but another eye was watching her from the shadows. The eye entered to light of the tavern making her armor gleam. “Good journey, Analisse. I see you’ve already made yourself unwelcome. Oh, and I’ve brought a message from your ‘big sister’”.

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