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Aiden Hubert/Frostbite: It would be exponentially easier to pity Aiden Hubert (birth name Kun Tum Es) if he actually had some semblance of decency (even for a villain) in him, at least capable of being a team player or even be willing to learn from his mistakes.

Unfortunately, he’s none of these, and the end result is a crude, lazy, unintelligent, confrontational, and abrasive moron only mildly tolerated by his fellow villains, regulated to simple bank robberies because he’s simply too incompetent for anything else. Many are left in wonder how he’s managed to live as long as he has on his dog-eat-dog jungle home-world of Centune, but the fact he was part of a tribe might have something to do with it. Despite his general idiocy, Aiden is still capable of surprising moments of insight… and he may not be entirely okay with his superiors as he seems. It appears he has some history with not only Nightlighter Yikuma, but also fellow villain Patriarch.

Frostbite’s Toolkit is to control pre-existing ice around him, which he primarily uses to create massive structures like shields and spikes as defense. He is also noted to prefer fighting in humid or watery areas, as he can freeze the water into more ice he can use. Frostbite has the potential to be a global threat, but his lack of intelligence thankfully keeps him from realizing the full scale of his Toolkit.

Frostbite’s price for receiving his powers was his ability to taste; he deeply misses the taste of jungle fruit as a result.