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???/Patriarch: A gigantic, cannibalistic lion-man known for his terrifying strength as much as he’s known for his savage temper and brutality, Patriarch is an enigma who wanders Atlas, promising the downtrodden, hopeless, and unfortunate the protection the hero community couldn’t give them. Beneath his aloof but caring demeanor, he is a sadistic predator who has groomed the defenseless into forming a cult around him, having his hopeless followers commit acts of “worship” that range ANYWHERE in the spectrum of depravity; from robbery, to murder, to butchery, to even cannibalism, all in the name of their bestial savior. Worse, even THEY aren’t safe from his sudden bouts of animalistic rage, and he’s even willing to use them as meat shields, sending them to their deaths while he sits back and watches as his enemies get to him. Unfortunately, this isn’t because of cowardice; Patriarch barely considers most heroes worth his attention, and when they FINALLY confront him face to face, they are in for a nasty surprise; Patriarch is a savage and enormously strong fighter, willing to use every dirty trick in the book and sheer brute force to come out on top of the fight.

Patriarch is a 9-foot tall beast man with the traits and abilities of the animal he is based on. His fingers are tipped with retractable claws capable of carving through thick metal with ease, and is incredibly fast and agile despite his size; when running on all fours, he can move at speeds up to 75 miles an hour. All five of his senses have been enhanced past the point of human perfection and he can see via night vision. However, his greatest weapon is his strength; he’s capable of tearing through tanks and buildings with absolutely no effort, and he is one of the few people on Atlas capable of matching a vampire in a fight.

The price for Patriarch receiving his powers is widely believed to be his humanity, explaining his increasingly brutal treatment of the people under his “care”.