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Victoria Valentin/Blackout: A former intern at a law firm and originally a kind, innocent, and gentle soul who nurtured the growth and bonds of everyone around her, Victoria Valentin has now been reduced to a soulless husk of her former self, the loss of her emotions freeing her from moral constraints and giving her free reign to do whatever the hell she feels like; at times she is merely an enforcer to whomever pays her best, other times she is a bank robber… and at other times, she is a threat that requires more than one hero to deal with. Incapable of feeling emotions like hate, anger, sadness, or happiness, she slowly but surely builds a reputation as one of the most dangerous supervillains to walk the face of Atlas.

Blackout has the ability to absorb any type of energy into herself, such as electricity, kinetic energy, life force, and so on. Once she has stockpiled enough energy, she releases it out of her as a devastating EMP burst capable of shorting out anything within a 180 meter radius. She is incredibly vulnerable to bright light, and thus tends to operate mainly at nighttime.

The experiments that gave Blackout her powers stripped her of her ability to feel emotion, turning her from a kind and loving woman to the empty shell she is in the present.